Project properties

Title Irrigation strategy in pear
Group Water Resources Management group
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Harm Boesveld (WRM)
Rien van der Maas (Applied Plant Research WUR)
Contact info
Begin date 2020/01/01
End date 2022/01/01
Description Country: The Netherlands
Host institute : Applied Plant Research/Wageningen UR

Problem context
Pear fruits are very susceptible for drought stress which will have a great impact on the fruit size and fruit development. Expected climate changes might lead to more periods of water stress. Maintaining good fruit sizes in the future will become a challenge. When to irrigate to avoid undesired fruit weight loss and at the same time making efficient use of the scarce water source will become more important in the future.

Research Objective/Question
The aim of the research is to determine the target soil suction values to balance the fruit growth and the vegetative development of the pear crop.

An experiment in a trench system with limited soil volume is used to test various drought scenarios in
different phenological phases of the pear growth. This to establish the target irrigation strategy for optimum growing conditions. The trench system is a closed system that can determine all incoming and outgoing flows in the root zone. Measurements of soil suction and moisture content, amount of drainage as well as tree and fruit development will be important activities in the experiment.
Used skills