Project properties

Title River plastic emission from Java into the ocean
Group Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Tim van Emmerik, Albrecht Weerts
Examiner(s) Tim van Emmerik, Albrecht Weerts
Contact info
Begin date 2019/11/01
End date
Description Plastic pollution of aquatic ecosystems is an emerging environmental risk. Land-based plastics are considered the main source of plastic litter in the world’s oceans. Quantifying the emission from rivers into the oceans is crucial to optimize prevention, mitigation and cleanup strategies. Indonesia is estimated to be the second largest emitting country of riverine plastics in the world, which is mainly due to high population densities in coastal areas, in combination with high amounts of mismanaged plastic waste. In this project, you will work on a first assessment of plastic transport from land to river and from river into the ocean for the island of Java. You will use Deltares’ wflow hydrological modeling tool, in combination with the latest estimations of plastic waste leakage into the natural environment. Ideally, you will also calibrate/validate your model results with in situ field observations.
Used skills Modeling, fieldwork, data analysis
Requirements Hydrology, hydrological modeling, data analysis