Project properties

Title Identifying horse-directed parenting styles
Group Behavioural Ecology
Project type thesis
Credits 12-36
Supervisor(s) Bonne Beerda, Lydia Nieuwe Weme
Contact info
Begin date 2019/09/01
End date 2025/09/01
Description Parenting styles are known to impact on behavioural development in children and recently we identified dog-directed parenting styles. Next we want to find out if parenting styles exist also in the owner � horse relationships. This may opn development Similar parenting styles have been identified in child parent and dog owner relationships. These parenting styles are based on the level of demandingness and responsiveness used by the parent or owner in their communication. The specific parenting styles influence both child and dog development.
Where horses used to be regarded as farm animals they are now considered and treated as leisure or even pet animals. Thereby possibly increasing the similarities in interaction patterns in horse owner and dog owner relationships.
We are looking for thesis students to find out whether the child and dog directed parenting styles can be used to describe horse-owner relationships?
Used skills setting up a study/survey, data analyses, reviewing literature, scientific writing
Requirements Interest in human animal relationships and animal behaviour