Project properties

Title Analysing the host-seeking behaviour of malaria mosquitoes in Tanzania, Africa
Group Entomology, Laboratory of
Project type thesis
Credits 24-36
Examiner(s) Prof. Marcel Dicke
Contact info
Begin date 2019/04/04
End date
Description MSc student looking for a thesis? Able to start in April or May 2019? Willing to catch mosquitoes in Africa? Then, we want you!

This study will analyse the effect of close-range host cues on the capture performance of a newly-developed mosquito trap. This so-called MTego trap was developed at Wageningen University to target malaria vectors, Anopheles gambiae. We now plan to test the efficacy of this innovative trap in semi-field conditions in Ifakara, Tanzania. The results will be used to improve the design of the MTego trap, that is aimed to be commercialised by the newly created start-up company named PreMal.

We are looking for a motivated MSc student willing to spend 4 to 6 weeks in Ifakara to perform the semi-field tests. The student will design and conduct the semi-field experiments that involve collecting entomological data and measuring sensory cue data such as CO2 levels around the trap. During this project, the student will be supported by PreMal�s entrepreneurs as well as researchers from both Wageningen University and the Ifakara Health Institute.

The candidate is motivated by the possibility to contribute to the development of a commercial product that can affect the life of the most vulnerable people in Africa. The candidate is also genuinely interested in animal behaviour and medical entomology. Finally, she/he is willing to work in an international and multidisciplinary environment.

MSc poster description:
Used skills
Requirements Basic Entomology courses and/or Experimental Zoology courses

For doing a BSc-thesis at Entomology, there are no requirements for specific courses.
For doing a MSc-thesis or internship at Entomology, the following requirements apply: ENT-30806 + a second ENT-course (preferably ENT-30306 or ENT-50806 or ENT-53806). As an alternative for the second ENT-course, PHP-30806 or BHE-30306 can be selected.
Note: these requirements do not apply for MBI students; MBI students should check the requirements for doing an ENT MSc-thesis or internship in the study programme of their specialisation.