Project properties

Title Calibration of distributed hydrological model for the Rhine using MPR (MultiScale Parameter Regionalization)
Group Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Albrecht Weerts
Lieke Melsen
Ruben Imhoff
Examiner(s) Albrecht Weerts
Contact info
Begin date 2019/03/01
End date
Description Here we like to test the Multiscale Parameter Regionalization technique for calibration of the wflow_sbm distributed hydrological model of the Rhine River. Building on MSc work by Ruben Imhoff on upscaling of pedotranfer functions we now like to test/extend this approach with calibration the coefficients of the pedotransfer functions (instead of using values from literature estimated from lab experiments/soil cores).

Suitable forms of pedo transfer functions (for saturated water content, residual water content, saturated hydraulic conductivity, brooks corey parameters, etc) need to be selected from literature. Calibration scripts for wflow_sbm model inc the existing upscaling approach need to be developed (including choise of suitable calibration algoritm/library). The calibration will be conducted for a limited number of subcatchments across the Rhine basin. Finally, the result of the calibration will be validated/tested on other subcatchments by applying the calibrated coefficients of the pedotransfer functions. If time allows the procedure will be repeated for another selection of subbasins for calibration/validation to be able to provide a more complete uncertainty estimate.
Used skills Python, wflow, HPC
Requirements Catchment Hydrology