Project properties

Title Assimilation of high resolution satellite surface soil moisture to improve hydrological modelling & forecasting in the Rhine basin
Group Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Albrecht Weerts (
Jaap Schellkens (
Contact info Albrecht Weerts (
Begin date 2019/03/01
End date
Description This study will explore the use of high resolution satellite soil moisture products of vanderSat for improving hydrological modelling & forecasting of the Rhine.

The work will be conducted with the wflow_sbm model of the Rhine (Imhoff et al., 2019). Reseacrch will be conducted in steps

1) validation/comparison of (open loop) simulation with satellite soil moisture product of vanderSat at ~1km2;
2) Matching climatological distribution of model output and observations (Kumar et al., 2012) since an important assumption of the ENKF is that model estimates and observations are unbiased;
3) Assimilation of scaled gridded soil moisture in wflow_sbm using OpenDA;
4) verification of forecast quality with and without assimilation

The study will started by looking at an individual tributary of the Rhine but can easily be upscaled if succesful

Used skills data analysis, hydrological modelling, critical reflection measurements/models, use tools like OpenDA, Delft-FEWS, wflow, Latex/Word, python/R, EVS
Requirements Python/R, Catchment & Climate Hydrology