Project properties

Title Broad spectrum insect resistance in tomato
Group Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Project type thesis
Credits 24-36
Supervisor(s) Lotte Caarls, Ben Vosman
Examiner(s) Lotte Caarls, Marieke Jeuken
Contact info,
Begin date 2021/01/01
End date 2023/12/31
Description Cultivated tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is attacked by a wide range of insects. These cause severe damage, both directly through feeding and indirectly by the viruses they transmit. Resistance against insects is found in wild relatives of the cultivated tomato. Solanum galapagense shows resistance against sucking insects in which trichomes type IV play a crucial role. Resistance against the caterpillar Spodoptera exigua, which is also found in the species, seems to be independent of trichomes. QTLs for trichome based and caterpillar resistance have been identified and are currently being characterized. Students can participate in the characterization of the resistance mechanism, including trichome development, as well as identification of genes and metabolites involved.
Used skills Depending on the project, perform insect bioassays, molecular marker analysis, molecular biology. Analyse the data and write a thesis.
Requirements Breeding for resistance and quality (PBR-30306), Fundamental and Applied Biology of Insects (ENT-30806), ENT-51306 (Insect-plant Interactions), depending on the subject also GEN-30306 Genetic Analysis, Tools and Concepts (GATC).