Project properties

Title Cultivating the termite fungus Termitomyces
Group Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Project type thesis
Credits 24-36
Supervisor(s) Sabine Vreeburg
Examiner(s) Duur Aanen en Arend van Peer
Contact info Sabine Vreeburg
Begin date 2017/11/09
End date 2018/12/31
Description Termites in Africa and Asia cultivate fungi of the genus Termitomyces. During millions of years the termites have cultivated their fungi and selected them to become domesticated crops. The fruiting bodies of these fungi, mushrooms, are als interesting for us humans. They are highly nutritious and relatively protein-rich mushrooms, which are collected by local people as an important food source. Unfortunately, we cannot cultivate those mushrooms cultivation in order to select, test and optimise a range of potential cultivation techniques for this fungus.

Supervision of this project will be shared between the Laboratory of Genetics (Sabine Vreeburg) and Plant Breeding (Arend van Peer)
Used skills Mushroom cultivation, substrate optimisation, micorbiology, biochemistry
Requirements MSc Biology, MSc Biotechnology, MSc Molecular life Sciences, MSc Plant Sciences or in consultation