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Title Development of a soil extraction to measure reactive molybdenum
Group Soil Chemistry and Chemical Soil Quality
Project type thesis
Credits 24-39
Supervisor(s) Elise van Eynde
Examiner(s) Rob Comans
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Begin date 2017/11/01
End date
Description Molybdenum (Mo) is one of the essential micronutrients for plants but can also be toxic when present in too high amounts. Up until now, there is little knowledge about the speciation of Mo in soils, and consequently about the important soil processes that control bioavailability of this nutrient. Multi-surface modelling can contribute significantly to the understanding of soil processes that affect speciation. Such modelling purposes require the so-called labile pool or reactive concentration of an element as input. For most ions, this is measured in a 0.43 M HNO3 soil extraction. However, recently it has been shown that this extraction solution is too weak to fully extract reactive Mo, resulting in an under-prediction by the model of dissolved Mo. In this thesis, the aim is to explore whether alkaline solutions are more adequate to extract reactive Mo concentrations, and to gain insight in Mo speciation in soils.

Type of work:
- Literature review on which soil extractions might be suitable to extract the potential supply of Mo
- Laboratory work to measure Mo in different soil extractions, and collect input data for multi-surface modelling
- Geochemical multi-surface modelling with Mo measured in different extractions as reactive amount
- Data processing and writing

Thesis: Soil chemistry and chemical soil quality

- Soil chemistry
- Soil chemical modelling
- Soil extractions

Groenenberg, Jan E., R�mkens, Paul F. A. M., Zomeren, Andr� Van, Rodrigues, Sonia M., Comans, Rob N.J. (2017). Evaluation of the Single Dilute (0.43 M) Nitric Acid Extraction to Determine Geochemically Reactive Elements in Soil. Environmental Science and Technology, 51 (4). p. 2246 - 2253
Used skills - Literature review
- Geochemical modelling
- Laboratory work
- Data processing and writing