Project properties

Title Lizards and the island syndrome: are island lizards more fearless than their mainland relatives?
Group Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Project type thesis
Credits >30
Supervisor(s) Kevin Matson
Examiner(s) F. van Langevelde
Contact info
Begin date 2017/02/01
End date 2022/12/31
Description Start/end dates have some flexibility.

Island animals often differ from their closest relatives on the mainland in characteristic ways (e.g., reduced dispersal, reduced reproductive output, etc.). These differences have been termed the "island syndrome." But the breadth and consistency of the island syndrome remains a topic of research.

Domenico Fulgione (University of Naples Federico II; and his group investigate the Reversed Island Syndrome (RIS) in the Italian wall lizard (Podarcis sicula), living on Licosa, a small island off the Southern Italian coast.

Your project would focus on comparing behavior and/or physiology between island and mainland populations of this lizard species.

[lizards] [predator] [prey] [field] [experiment] [behavior] [behaviour] [physiology] [immunology] [ecology] [landscape of fear] [Italy] [animal] [animals] [miscellaneous] [reptile] [reptiles] [island] [islands]
Used skills Basic lab techniques, field work, behavioral observations, desk-top study, analysing data using R, etc.
Requirements Ideally should be available for fieldwork in late spring or early summer (May, June), for peak lizard activity.

Basic and/or advanced statistics (e.g., minimum Ecological Methods 1); familiarity with and interest in some basic laboratory techniques, travel to/fieldwork in Italy.