Project properties

Title Influence of dog-directed parenting styles on the owner-dog relationship and dog welfare
Group Behavioural Ecology
Project type thesis
Credits 24-36
Supervisor(s) Ineke van Herwijnen, Bonne Beerda
Examiner(s) dr. Bonne Beerda
Contact info,
Begin date 2016/12/31
End date 2019/12/31
Description Dog owners may interact with their dogs along so called �parenting styles�, but do these really exist in the owner-dog relationship and if so how do these influence the dog and its welfare? Parenting styles are determined by the caretaker�s levels of responsiveness and demandingness, as applied through parenting. In humans, different parenting styles are known to affect child development, socially and in terms of learning. The ongoing PhD-project to which students can contribute assesses if the parenting styles are identifiable in dog owners as well and what influences these have on the owner dog relationship and dog quality of life. The latter as measured, for example, with the cognitive bias test and other behaviour tests such as the Strange Situation Test are used to assess dog owners and their dogs. More information on the research topic: or for doing a thesis with dogs at the behavioural ecology group (BHE).
Used skills
Requirements Different types of theses are possible