Project properties

Title Ground truthing habitat quality indicators for meadow birds on a regional scale
Group Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group
Project type internship
Credits 24-39
Supervisor(s) Dick Melman & Alex Schotman
Examiner(s) David Kleijn
Contact info Dick Melman
Begin date 2017/01/01
End date 2020/12/01
Description Main question: how does the information in and interpretation by the knowledge system for meadow birds correspond (water table, landscape openness, topographic data, satellite data,) with the actual situation in the field in Eemland?
(1) Check of the gathered information in the knowledge system with the actual situation in the field
(2) interpretation of integrated basic information into habitat quality;
(3) interpretation of field management as final factor for habitat quality
(4) relating presence and spatial distribution of meadow birds and offspring to habitat quality during the entire breeding season (including spatial dynamics).
Best period: (1 jan. � 15 july)
Combination: (project can be combined with an internship at a second group e.g. remote sensing)
Co-operation: project can be done by 1-2 students

Used skills simulation modelling, field work, statistical analyses
Requirements drivers licence