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Title Flight ability of wingless mutant ladybird beetles
Group Entomology, Laboratory of
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Dr. P.W. de Jong
Examiner(s) Prof. M. Dicke
Contact info
Begin date 2015/09/30
End date 2020/12/31
Description In the Netherlands and also in the UK, natural mutant two-spot ladybird beetles have been found in the wild that have reduced elytra and flight wings. In the past, the genetic basis of this wingless-ness has been studied (and it still is, by a group of co-workers in Cambridge). This work so far has shown that one major gene is responsible for being qualitatively wingless or winged, but that the extent of wing reduction is variable, and partly influenced by modifier genes. Interestingly, artificial selection has yielded a line of beetles that are genetically wingless, but have a minimal (or even absent) phenotypic reduction in the wings. One thing we are interested in is whether in this line normal flight function has been restored. This requires behavioral flight tests, for which different possibilities are available (wind tunnel or �flight treadmill�). This work will involve collaboration with the university of Cambridge, and can start at any time.
Used skills behavioral observation
Requirements For doing a BSc-thesis at Entomology, there are no requirements for specific courses.
For doing a MSc-thesis or internship at Entomology, the following requirements apply: ENT-30806 + a second ENT-course (preferably ENT-30306 or ENT-50806 or ENT-53806). As an alternative for the second ENT-course, PHP-30806 or BHE-30306 can be selected.
Note: these requirements do not apply for MBI students; MBI students should check the requirements for doing an ENT MSc-thesis or internship in the study programme of their specialisation.