Project properties

Title Mapping and Genetic analysis in polyploid crops
Group Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Project type thesis
Credits 30-36
Supervisor(s) Chris Maliepaard, Roeland Voorrips
Examiner(s) Chris Maliepaard, Roeland Voorrips
Contact info Chris Maliepaard,, tel. 0317-480855.
Begin date 2014/01/01
End date 2021/12/31
Description In diploid crops, the use of molecular markers for genetic mapping, discovery of genomic regions involved in traits and selection for these traits in breeding is becoming a standard tool. For polyploid crops, however, (e.g. potato, leek, alfalfa and many ornamentals, like rose, alstroemeria, begonia, chrysanthemum) genetic analysis is more complicated and there is no standard methodology and software available. Plant Breeding has a project in which we are developing a software and methodology pipeline for genetic analysis in mapping populations of polyploid crops and this pipeline is being applied to a number of ornamentals, leek and potato. Different thesis topics could be chosen within this project, varying from construction of linkage maps in specific polyploid crops to, more generally, developing software for genetic analysis for polyploids, or studying requirements such as population size, parental choice, numbers and types of markers, for a genetic analysis under different genetic models and assumptions, using simulations. Real data (of markers, phenotypic traits) is available for a number of crops, more will be generated during the running time of this large project. The project does not involve development of markers or lab work.
Used skills (Depending on the topic): programming, software development, genetic analysis, statistical analysis, mapping and QTL analysis
Requirements ABG-30806 Modern Statistics for the Life Sciences (MSLS), GEN-30306 Genetic Analysis, Tools and Concepts (GATC)