Project properties

Title Tropical forest and savannas under changing conditions in Ghana
Group Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group
Project type thesis
Credits negotiable
Supervisor(s) Elmar Veenendaal
Philippine Vergeer
Examiner(s) Elmar veenendaal
Contact info
Begin date 2017/02/01
End date 2020/12/01
Description Research on the changes occurring in the forest savanna boundary of Ghana within the framework of vegetation- climate feedbacks. In Collaboration with Leeds and Oxford University and the forestry Research institute of Ghana . The main study areas are Wildlefe reserves with a unqique flroa and fauna. Focus area is the proces of savanna forest transition . The exact topic will be tailored towards the student's needs and interests. There is a host of topics available which include aspects of micro-meteorology, system ecology, tree seedling dynamics cabon stock dynamics; remote sensing fire ecology and eneral vegetation science. Both field and experimental research approaches are possible. Howver there are a limited number opf places avaiable. Often students combine a study in Ghana with an internship in Ghana with Oxford University or another international partner.
Used skills Dependent on the topic a wide range of skills (from remote sensing to micro-meteorology to multivariate vegetation Science techniques) can be applied
Requirements prerequisite NCP courses and ecological methods I , are generally required (but negotiable). Start and end dates negotiable