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Evolutionary properties of mycotoxin production by filamentous fungi: field trips in Zambia and experiments in Wageningen
Filamentous fungi can contaminate maize and nuts, staple foods in Zambia. Contamination is through the production of mycotoxins: highly toxic compounds produced by Aspergilli. In this thesis project, you will travel to Zambia to d ...
Supervisor: Sijmen Schoustra
Department: Genetics, Laboratory of
The predictability of evolution of an antibiotic resistance gene
Evolution is driven by both chance and necessity, which make its outcome hard to predict. Laboratory evolution experiments with micro-organisms provide a powerful means to study evolution under controlled conditions in replicate p ...
Supervisor: Mark Zwart, Diego Pesce, Arjan de Visser
Department: Genetics, Laboratory of
The evolution of niche construction
During evolution, new genotypes may affect the environment in various ways, including the depletion of resources and the excretion of metabolites and toxins. These new conditions may present niches to which later genotypes may ada ...
Supervisor: Arjan de Visser
Department: Genetics, Laboratory of
Role of bacterial interactions in the evolution of antibiotic resistance
Bacterial extracellular products affect not only the fitness of the producer itself, but may also affect the fitness of other cells in the population. We study these social effects using the antibiotic-degrading enzyme TEM-1 beta- ...
Supervisor: Marjon de Vos, Mark Zwart, Andy Farr, Arjan de Visser
Department: Genetics, Laboratory of
Microbial ecology of Zambian fermented products: evolution of microbial communities
Microbial ecology of Zambian fermented products: evolution of microbial communities Analogous to well-known fermented products such as yoghurt, wine, beer and sauerkraut, Zambia has many endogenous fermented products. The ferment ...
Supervisor: Sijmen Schoustra
Anneloes Groenenboom

Department: Genetics, Laboratory of
Population genetics on the Hoge Veluwe: the occurence of ecotypes in the parastic wasp Nasonia vitripennis
Our research aims at unravelling the genetic and physiological mechanisms underlying life-history traits in parasitoids wasps, insects that develop inside other insects and often kill their host. To understand the evolution of lif ...
Supervisor: Dr. B.A. Pannebakker
Department: Genetics, Laboratory of
Evolution and adaptation of Aspergillus fumigatus in Cystic Fibrosis patients
Cystic fibrosis (CF) patients are confronted with pulmonary infections and frequently A. fumigatus is cultured. CF patients receive for long periods of time antifungal treatment to prevent or cure infections. The fungus A. fumigat ...
Supervisor: Eveline Snelders; Fons Debets
Department: Genetics, Laboratory of
Polyploidy: the effects of genome dosage on the plant phenotype.
Polyploidy often occurs in the plant kingdom. Polyploids are plants in which, rather than the usual two copies, a plant has three or more genome copies. Polyploids plants may grow bigger than diploids, and typically have larger fl ...
Supervisor: Erik Wijnker and Cris Wijnen
Department: Genetics, Laboratory of
Conflict and cooperation among fungal crops cultivated by termites
Termites in Africa and Asia cultivate fungi of the genus Termitomyces. The fungus is actively farmed by the termites in a monoculture garden well protected in the termite nest. Interactions between different fungal clones and betw ...
Supervisor: Margo Wisselink, Duur K. Aanen
Department: Genetics, Laboratory of
Population genetics of the invasive pest Drosophila suzukii in the Netherlands
The Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD),Drosophila suzuki is an invasive fruitfly from Asia that infests unripe soft fruit. It is rapidly spreading north in Europe and already causes millions of euros of damage in the fruit industry. As ...
Supervisor: Aurore Panel
Department: Genetics, Laboratory of
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